• 1.What is registration and course enrollment?
    The Term Calendar delineates registration period, course enrollment period, and period of enrollment changes. During these periods, students are allowed to select (register for) the courses they want to enroll in as well as cancel their registration.
    The student selects the courses he/she wants to register for either by looking them up using their codes or by picking them out from a registration template. He/she can register for any course offered at the University in the given term.
    The start and end dates of registration period, which are specified in the Term Calendar, differ from faculty to faculty.
    Provided the student meets the enrollment pre-requisites specified for the course he/she wants to enroll in, he/she will succeed in registering for it, i.e. his/her registration record will turn out to be marked white. However, if he/she fails to meet one of the enrollment pre-requisites, his/her registration record will be marked red (meaning that his/her registration was unsuccessful). During the course enrollment period and that of enrollment changes, his/her registration records are processed each time he/she changes his/her enrollment (and then every night) and he/she is automatically enrolled in the courses for which his/her registration has been successful. Once he/she enrolls in a course, he/she has the right and duty to study it.

    Students who have interrupted their studies are also allowed to register for courses. Nevertheless, the System does not enroll them in these unless they have previously resumed their studies. The Office for Studies are authorized to register students for courses and enroll them in these regardless of the status of their studies.

    Students can only register for and enroll in the courses offered in the term they last enrolled in.

    A student will not be listed in your Teacher's Notebook unless he/she has been enrolled in your course. To include the students who have registered for the course but have not been enrolled in it yet in your Teacher's Notebook, please click on 'change filter' situated next to the name of the course and select 'extend the list to registered students, i.e. those whose enrollment has not been confirmed yet'.

    1 Extending the list to registered students

    The Information system Teacher [chosen course] (Course Catalogue) Term Calendar
    The Information system Teacher [chosen course] (Course Catalogue) Browse templates
    (optional, in case of interest)

  • 2.List of Registered Students with Enrollment Problems
    The Course Catalogue specifies the so-called course enrollment pre-requisites. Provided the student meets these, his/her registration is successful and his/her registration record is marked white whereas if he/she does not (meet these), his/her registration is marked red. However, the unsuccessful registration may also result from some other factors than just a failure to meet the enrollment pre-requisites.

    The most frequent causes of registration problems are as follows:

    • The course is full and there are no longer any vacancies in it.
    • The course enrollment pre-requisites have not been met.
    • The course is only offered to students of certain fields.

    1 Unsuccessful registration - prerequisite not met

    To browse the list of students with red registration records, use the following path:

    The Information system Teacher [chosen course] (Students) Registration: problems
    Provided there are many students who did not succeed in registering for your course, please ensure the enrollment pre-requisites specified for your course in the Course Catalogue are correct. If this is not the case, please inform your Office for Studies of the fact.

  • 3.Permission/Exception Applications
    During the enrollment period (not the registration one, though), students with red registration records can apply with the teacher of the course for being granted the permission to enroll in it. When doing so, they are expected to give the reasons why they think they should be allowed to enroll in the course despite not meeting the enrollment pre-requisites. Since the applications are sent to all the teachers of the course, the teachers are recommended to agree on who will be handling them. The permission/exception can be granted via the IS application the path to which is as follows:
    The Information system Teacher [chosen course] (Students) Registration: grant permission
    If the student's application has not been processed yet, he/she can withdraw it – an act of which the teachers are notified by e-mail. Provided the permission/exception is granted, the student's registration becomes successful and his/her registration record changes into white.

    1 Not decided yet.

    2 Text with reason for comment on the request.

    3 Save the request.

    'Souhlas' represents a special enrollment pre-requisite in that it requires every student who wants to enroll in the course to apply for the permission. Hence, the student's initial registration record is always red in such a course.

    Nevertheless, some red registration records do not allow students to apply for enrollment permission/exception and these cannot be granted either. This, for instance, applies to the situation where the student has already completed the course and thus he/she is not allowed to enroll in it again - a rule an exception to which is the course specified in the Course Catalogue as the one allowing students to enroll in repeatedly. In such a situation, the student can only be enrolled in the course by his/her Office for Studies.

  • 4.I want to withdraw a denied exception, how do I do it?
    In the application
    The Information system Teacher [chosen course] (Students) Registration: grant permission
    check the box "show also processed requests" and click on "apply". You will see a list of students who have requested an exception. For students who have an exception denied, check the "cancel previously granted denial" box and save. You can now agree to enroll the course again.

    1 Option to cancel the granted rejection.

  • 5.How are the prerequisites for granting exceptions evaluated?
    If the message "error assumed" is displayed during the prerequisite evaluation, information about the last evaluated subsection of the prerequisite is displayed. Prerequisite is evaluated only until a clear result is known. Thus, for example, if the prerequisite is entered as IB000 && "anything" and the student has not completed the course IB000, then "anything" is no longer evaluated and IB000 is listed as an error. If prerequisite IB000 || "anything" and the student does not meet the IB000, then "anything" is listed as a possible error.

    Tip: Example of prerequisite evaluation

    ( IB000 || IB112 ) && !IA008
    The student did not meet the IB000, it is evaluated whether he met at least (because it is IB000 || IB112). If neither IB000 nor IB112 has been met, then the prerequisite is evaluated as 0 && "anything" and therefore does not need to be evaluated further. The last expression evaluated was IB112, which is also listed as an error.

  • 6.Time of Enrollment and Enrollment Pre-requisites
    In some situations, where it is only a limited number of students that can enroll in a course, those who enroll in it early enough may prevent some others from doing so later despite the fact the former do not meet the enrollment pre-requisites of the course while the latter do.

    The reason why the Information System does not prevent such situations from occurring is that the teacher would not be able to grant any student his/her enrollment permission/exception if he/she found it appropriate (because of the student's illness, for instance).
    Provided you wish to avoid the aforementioned problem, you should do one of the following:

    • enable the 'Souhlas' pre-requisite mode for the course,
    • send the students not meeting the enrollment pre-requisites an e-mail requesting them to cancel their enrollment when they know they will not meet them anyway,
    • contact the Office for Studies asking them to cancel the enrollment of the students not meeting the enrollment pre-requisites.

  • 7.Enrollment and evaluation statistics – explanation of terms
    Manifestation of the student's request to study the course. The student shows interest by clicking on the course in his / her application at the time of registration, enrollment, or change in enrollment. You will find this time in the Term Calendar.
    Formal confirmation of registration by the study department.
    Number of students / number of studies who have registered for the course, ie. showed interest in studying the course.
    Number of students / number of studies for which the course was officially enrolled by the study department. The number of enrolled students is always less than or equal to the number of enrolled students.

    If there are too few students (due to the number of registered), then the study department has not yet confirmed the enrollment. Clarify this situation with your Office for Studies.

    The teacher has the right to work with a list of registered students in a number of applications. It does this by checking the box “incl. the students who have registered for the course (not enrolled yet)". To change this type of setting, click on "other courses" next to the code and item name at the top. See this Help for details on student list restrictions..

    If students stay unregistered for a long time, it's wrong. Unregistered students do not register for the exam, you do not enter a mark for unregistered students.

    Only active students count towards the number of enrolled and registered students. If any of the enrolled or registered students interrupts or terminates their studies, the number of enrolled and registered students will be reduced.

    Not specified
    Number of students / number of studies for which no evaluation has been submitted yet. Completed studies and studies in the procedure for termination of studies are not counted, because teachers can no longer submit evaluations in these studies.
    -, 1, 2, 3, 4, P, N, Z, ...
    Number of students / number of studies for which the given evaluation was assigned.
    Percentage completion of the course evaluation. It is desirable that the evaluation be 100% completed at the end of the examination period (unless the faculty issues another instruction). For students who did not attend the exam, about whom you know nothing, etc., enter the rating "-" (minus). This evaluation means "absent" and has not been included in the calculation. Teachers do not have the opportunity to enter evaluations in completed studies and studies in the procedure for graduation, therefore these studies do not count.

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